We put security first, and we strive to implement the best security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature of the information we store, in order to protect it from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure.


Tresorbase is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and AWS. Google and AWS data centers feature extensive safeguards and security layers. You can find more here:

  • Google
  • AWS

High Availability

Every part of Tresorbase is provisioned to be highly available. We have redundant system in the case of failure.

Data Location

We use a mix of data centers all located in Europe.

Disaster Recovery

Daily backups are generated and saved across multiple regions. In the event of a region-wide outage, we are able to bring up our system in a different region.

Data transmission

Data is sent securely to Tresorbase via TLS to an HTTPS endpoint. All data is AES-256bit encrypted, both in transit and at rest.

Data Encryption

All data in Tresorbase servers is encrypted at rest. GCP and AWS store and manage data cryptography keys. So, if an intruder were ever able to access any of the physical storage devices, the Tresorbase data contained therein would still be impossible to decrypt without the keys.

Data Removal

All customer data stored on Tresorbase servers is deleted upon a customer’s termination of service and deletion of account in no longer than 30 days.