Receivable Automation for B2B companies

Put getting paid on autopilot. Cash-flow forecast and automated dunning in a single platform your team will enjoy use.

Scale your cash collection

Tresorbase helps you scale and automate your accounts receivable operations. Create, import and send invoices to your customers in 10+ languages. Send automated reminders and get a better visibility on your cash-flow.

Achieve 80% reduction of manual operations.

Tresorbase reduces the amount of manual operations, like updating spreadsheets or manual entry. Once your bank accounts and accounting system are connected you we automatically reconcile your invoices.

Getting paid: done.

Let your team focus on high value activities while Tresorbase takes care of the rest. Send invoices, track payments. Automate reminders and proactively improve your cash collection.

Bulk import & operations

You can import hundreds of invoices through our APIs or CSV files, and send them to your customers or generate payments in just one click.

VAT Compliant

Multiple Tax and VAT rates are supported. And your customers' VAT-ID is checked automatically.

Privacy and security first

Our platform is hosted in the European Union and we comply with all the privacy and security regulations.

No more manual reconciliation

We automatically reconcile the majority of your transactions, and we also offer a simple interface that will speed-up your reconciliation.

API first

Build new solutions and custom workflows with our API. You can integrate our API with your ERP or CRM and skip manual imports.

A fully auditable system

Every action inside Tresorbase is tracked with our audit log system. So at any moment you can check when a change was made.


Monitor your cashflow using our platform and track your receivables with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

Easy exports and integrations

Export your data to CSV or connect your system to our APIs. Your entire finance process can be built on top of it.

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